Consulting & Business Advisors


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In recent years, the outlook for everyone in Ireland has been hard. We have worked closely with our clients to help them get over their individual hurdles. At Hartnett & Company we pride ourselves on striving to our best for our clients, and their businesses, and personal situations.

During the past few years we have assisted clients with banking and cashflow difficulties. This has been achieved through re-financing, re-organisation of assets, and re-dedicating of resources. This is a very individual process, as every client has their own special needs.

On a positive note, recently there has been a lot of new business in Ireland. We also have been providing consulting to start – up companies / trades. With the various reporting bodies in Ireland, it can be daunting to figure out the bureaucratic framework. We have years of experience in these areas, and can give you a framework to get through it.

Hartnett & Co have also assisted with family financial planning, retirement and inheritance planning.